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Collection: Suzie Blue

Suzie Blue are a family-run company with a long history of importing from India & Indonesia. We work directly with all our producers, including dozens of small artisan manufacturers, to produce an unequalled selection of Fashion Jewellery, Scarves & .925 Silver. With a focus on bold colours & individual design, we work closely with our suppliers to develop original collections that you won’t find anywhere else. 
In a time when most manufacturers use synthetic, mass-produced components, we are proud to say that many of our designs are made using ethically sourced, sustainable natural materials. We’ve been importing from India & Indo-China for more than two decades, and it has always been our policy to trade as fairly & responsibly as possible. Instead of dealing with big factories we choose to work with smaller jewellery makers and silversmiths, this means that we know the conditions (and in many cases the workers) that produce for us, so we can be absolutely certain that no child or indentured labour is employed by any of our suppliers. We don’t use agents or middle-men, and make sure that full & fair local market price is paid to the people that bring our designs to life. 
The way that we trade has rewarded us in many ways: we’ve made lots of friends and have attended weddings in India & Indonesia and even a tooth filing ceremony in Bali. It’s because of the great relationships that we have with our suppliers that we’re able to produce one of the largest collections of handmade jewellery in Europe. 
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